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Google executives said that Android will over iPhone

Google executives said that Android will over iPhone

With the escalating competition, Apple, Android is Google smart phone in the field of the “main weapons.” According to market research firm comScore data, the current 9% of U.S. smart phones using the Android operating system. Android is Google in the rapidly growing flat-panel computers SONY VGP-BPS9 battery set-top box market, the most likely to use the operating system.

Rubin said in an interview on the Android system is open, on the Flash support, next-generation Android operating system Froyo such issues as the views will be compared to Apple’s closed style of the DPRK government.

Opening is the key

Rubin Android platform are expected to “take off” because the use of Android to the open architecture of the major manufacturers. He said: “If there is a number of OEM manufacturers for you with many types of variety of products manufactured, Android phones will be sold sooner or later than such as Apple and RIM closed franchised company, this is only a matter of time.”

Rubin asked when specific to Android mobile phone sales will more than BlackBerry and iPhone. Rubin replied: “the specific time I’m not sure, but I am sure this will happen, open always have the last laugh.”

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs also mentioned the recent comments “like downloading pornography users should buy an Android phone.” Rubin is ironic, said: “I do not understand what the logic of his words, perhaps he and way of communicating with the public and the media is rather special.”

On whether consumers really care about their cell phone software “open” or not, Rubin stressed the importance consumers do this. He will close the computing platform choice than to deprive citizens of centralized government, said: “if people are denied the right kind of Quan Li, who will care, I do not want to live in North Korea.”

When asked about Google’s Android applications developed with third-party developers in the Android Market, the application of sales than it has strengths, Rubin said: “We hope also to use third-party developers the same tools and our . We provide developers with a software development kit (hereinafter referred to as “SDK”), which applied in the preparation of Gmail, we use the same SDK. There is no secret our application program interface (API). This is for Android is essential. open is to open all the way and achieve their own lives. “

He also promised the next generation, code-named Android Froyo Adobe’s Flash standards on providing comprehensive support. He stressed that sometimes open “means that SONY VGP-BPS8 battery actually like something to respect.”

Focus on compatibility

Some analysts are concerned that Android will “split” into several different versions of application software developers can not make all of the Android products to create a common software, which Rubin will Android platform and other PC operating systems compared .

The PC operating systems generally are updated, resulting in new applications not compatible with older machines. Rubin said: “We pay more attention to the compatibility more than other companies. We must ensure that to the phone application running on the screen can also be compatible with 42-inch plasma display. I believe that we can be the world’s first Kuan Tong Shi, and mobile phones on the TV running applications. “”

How to look at the Google Android and Chrome OS and will use that a system for electronic products such as tablet PCs, Rubin stressed that the two platforms represent two different Google Development Goals – Android mobile phone to focus on improving access to information way, and Chrome OS’s goal is to promote the network open.

However, the efforts of the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive, Rubin said: “I do not know if Chrome or Android Tablet PC, but if consumers into the store, our company can choose between two products, I think is great. “

Rubin said he has an iPad, for his wife to buy one. He feels Acer Aspire 1680 Battery this Tablet PC is indeed in the “consumption more than production of the crowd was” very attractive, but these products will erode sales of laptop computers, rather than creating a new market. He said: “I think people do not want another station to a charge of electronic products.

According to foreign media reports, market research firm Millward (Millward Brown Optimor) Wednesday released the 2010 Global 100 most valuable brands, Google won the fourth straight year, while China Mobile ranked the eighth.

This year, Google’s brand value reached 114.2 billion U.S. dollars, up 14%. IBM and Apple, with a brand value of the order of 86.3 billion U.S. dollars, and 83.1 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of respectively 30% and 32%.

Fourth to tenth ranking followed by Microsoft, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Marlboro, China Mobile, General Electric, and Vodafone. In addition, Hewlett-Packard 12, BlackBerry 14, Amazon 15, Oracle 19.

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